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MOMO Mizrahi, also stylized as M.O.M.O. (Multiple Observative Mimetic Organicus), is a major playable character in the Xenosaga series.

Personality[edit | edit source]

MOMO was installed with the same personality as the child she was created to represent. Her 'father' and creator, Joachim Mizrahi, was devastated by the loss of his daughter, Sakura, and created a new model of Realian with a physical appearance similar to that of his late daughter. The 100-Series Observational Realian became a popular model, but MOMO remained unique to others by being the prototype. Most of the others have a standard Realian personality, but MOMO's retains certain aspects of Sakura. She's kind, loving, and cares about those around her. Ziggy says MOMO has a "pure heart" and that is why he is able to believe in her. She's soft-spoken with her small voice, but determined when it counts. Her Realian abilities give her increased intelligence, and she often carries the air of someone much older than she looks. Despite being the youngest member of the main Xenosaga cast, MOMO carries an aura of impressionable maturity and wisdom. She's fiercely loyal to her friends, and she is willing to sacrifice herself for their well-being. At times, she does revert to the young pre-teen girl she was modeled after, being perky and giggly when she's having fun. MOMO has an affection towards Bunnie, like Sakura once did.

In contrast to Ziggy, MOMO wishes to be human. MOMO doesn't like being referred to as a Realian because Realians were discriminated against after the Miltian Conflict. As such, MOMO is ashamed of being a Realian. She acknowledges that she's different and will use her abilities when they can help, but she desperately just wants to be a normal girl. She hates being called by her model designation (100-Series Observational Realian) and wants people to call her by the acronym for her scientific name (MOMO) because it sounds more like a normal human name. She will make small, innocent jokes about what she is to lighten situations or to keep people from worrying about her, since her young appearance makes her seem much more fragile than Realians actually are, but she likes having people treat her like everyone else instead of like some inhuman lifeform.

According to enneagram personality assessment, MOMO is categorized as a particularly emotional Type-2 with Nephilim Verum(deeply loving, sociable, self-sacrificing, grandiose). When considered as a human, the tendency to hold ambivalent feelings towards a father or father-like figure can be seen to originate during the infancy of this type. Those emotions have a profound effect on character development. This is something that can be seen through the emotions MOMO held for Doctor Joachim Mizrahi. MOMO never had a single direct confrontation with Dr. Mizrahi, nor an experience where she was shown affection by him, but due to the information given to her during her pre-completed state, she held a strong love for him.

A type-2's self-esteem is maintained by the requirement that they are, themselves, "good people". In other words, the very idea that "if you do good deeds, you can become human" that MOMO wished, is an absolute requirement that sustains her self-esteem. Therefore, even though she had love for Dr. Mizrahi, she may have felt hatred when confronted with the contradictory truth. However, that cannot be confirmed. When someone harbors a mix of love and hate in their heart, in order to maintain their own self-esteem, they continually focus only on love.

This type's prime motivation is the intense desire to be loved. To be important to another. To be appreciated. Such thoughts drive those of this type to action. When MOMO was praised by Tony, Ziggy, and the others for her piloting technique in the shuttlecraft, her carefree smile revealed joy from the bottom of her heart. It is this state of being recognized, of being needed, that those of this type ceaselessly seek. As can be seen in her administering nano-treatments to others, or the cross-interference to the D.S.S.S. systems by the Hilbert Effect that she performed without regard to effects on herself during the escape from Pleroma, all her actions that benefited others were due to this motivation.

Strictly speaking, it is difficult to say that these types of actions are altruistic. However, while there may be selfishness involved, benefit to others is achieved as a result. If the interests are mutually beneficial, then there is no need to question the purity of selflessness.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

The 100-Series Observational Realian was developed as a recon unit capable of detecting Gnosis that may not be seen by normal means. As such, MOMO's abilities include increased observational skills such as detection of lifesigns, use of Ether powers and spells, directly connecting to the U.M.N. (basically using something akin to telepathy to connect to her world's Internet), and using the Hilbert Effect. The Hilbert Effect has the ability of pulling multi-dimensional beings into the same plane as the user, enabling physical contact between the two beings. Ether is used through nanomachines implanted in the body to help with increasing healing in herself or others, attacking others, and shielding against various types of attacks. MOMO's strengths lie in defensive and healing Ethers, but her attacks are stronger than one might expect because of her origins as a Realian. She also carries a bit of Sakura with her in her affinity for music.

Transformation Ethers[edit | edit source]

MOMO has access to transformation Ethers in Xenosaga Episode Iwhich are called Star Wind and Starlight, but they must be found first. They use 10 EP points, can last 3 turns, and have special abilities. Both of them have their own sets of different spells and when the spell is used, all her attributes are slightly risen.

Star Wind provides her with a blue remake of her costume. It is very similar to her original outfit but each individual piece of clothing is different, including her hair piece, with now an aquamarine color. Star Wind is found in the Cathedral Ship with MOMO as the lead character.

  • The special Tech that comes with it is called Magic Caster which steals a rare item from a boss. It seems like her wand turns into a fishing rod and she throws the line. When it flashes a picture of her eyes, it means she got the item and pulls back the line, including the item which looks like a present. It is a far range Tech.

Starlight is her second transformation spell. This costume is very extravagant. Her hair ornaments are different again and she wears the beautiful top and skirt, along with a giant bow on her back. This costume is a flaming red and orange. Starlight is found in the Song of Nephilim with MOMO as the lead character.

  • Her special Tech for this ether is called MOMO's Kiss. She makes an outline of her face and a giant version of her head appears in front of her. She then whacks it and sends it hurtling through the enemy. This is a far range Tech.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

In Episode I, MOMO's weapons are short metal rods with mystical powers. The rods can be used to hit the enemies and have the ability to shoot some sort of musical or petal themed laser beams at the enemies.

In Episode II and Episode III, MOMO has discarded the magical rods and replaced them with an Ether-Based Composite Bow. This causes all her attacks to become long range. MOMO's Ether Bow in Episode II bears the name "LEGOLAS" on its surface (a reference to Legolas Greenleaf from Lord of the Rings).

MOMO starts with her ether bow again in Episode III; this time the name of this default weapon is Compound VI.

Tech Attacks[edit | edit source]

List of Episode I Tech Attacks
Skill Level Description Speed/Wait
Star Strike Default Strike with a small star 150/10
Floral Tempest Default Slash with knife-like wind 150/10
Meteor Storm 15 Attack from another dimension 200/10
Star Cannon 20 Strike with a large star 600/30
Angel Arrow 24 Attack with arrows of light 600/30
Dark Scepter Turn Gnosis-Type enemies into items if used to defeat them 350/20
Magic Caster Steal rare item (During Star Wind transformation) 200/20
MOMO's Kiss MOMO beam (During Star Wind transformation) 300/30

Dark Scepter is obtained by defeating Mintia. Objects created by finishing off Gnosis with Dark Scepter:

  • Emerald - Unicorn, Wyrm
  • Garnet - Drone G1, Drone G3, Goblin, Kobold, Manticore
  • Ruby - Basilisk, Bugbear, Cerberus, Golem
  • Sapphire - Fairy, Hydra
  • Diamond - Gigas
  • Hemlock - Lizardman
  • Frame Repair A - Ogre
  • Frame Repair Z - Troll
  • Skill Upgrade Z - Armaros
  • Holey Gloves - Delphyne

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Battle quotes

  • "I'm not a tool that you can just use!" (to Margulis during the boss fight)
  • "Here you go!"
  • "I feel more like a combat model these days."
  • "I'm gonna try hard for everyone!"
  • "I'm gonna do my best!"
  • "Mystic powers, grant me a miracle!"
  • "Bullseye!"

Cutscene quotes

  • "I don't like that name." (to Margulis when he calls her "100-Series Observational Realian")
  • "I never got to meet Daddy, but he used to talk to me all the time before I was born. It's all a little hazy, but I remember him telling me that I could become a real person if I did good deeds."
  • "Why doesn't Mommy ever want to see me?"
  • "If a lot of people died because of my birth, does that mean I'm an abomination as well, just like Daddy?"
  • "Why do you hurt people? My sisters... they all loved something they saw in you. And even after all that you put them through, they still believed in you... how... how could you desecrate their feelings?! Their hearts!" (to Albedo)
  • "Tell me! Please, Kirschwasser! Are these actions really of your own will? Do you HONESTLY want to destroy Second Miltia? Is it your will that so many people DIE!?" (in the anime)
  • "But that's my... She's not just... Kirschwasser is my sister." (in the anime)
  • "Allow me to introduce myself. I am the 100-Series Observational Unit Prototype, designation: MOMO."
  • "Artificial... emotion? My heart is... just an optional function?"
  • "Shion... what is that!? It's horrible!" (seeing Cecily and Cathe)

TMNT X Pokemon[edit | edit source]

MOMO is quite resourceful. She doesn't like it when people underestimate her due to them thinking she's just a kid. During missions, she works with Danny Phantom and Haruka.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In Xenosaga Episode I: Reloaded, MOMO can unlock a Kirschwasser outfit. It can be found during the Song of Nephilim section. While playing through this section, make your way into the third tower. In here, you should be able to find and unlock the Kirschwasser outfit.
  • According to the database in Xenosaga Episode III, MOMO's third appearance is made finalized by a transgenic-type Realian, which are Realians that are half-humans. Due to the having the mix of human genes in her body, MOMO is possibly capable of aging into an older woman, and potentially conceive a child, making MOMO a unique entity of a Realian.
  • In Episode II, MOMO exhibits impressive driving skills, possibly due to being an Observational Realian.
  • In Episode III, if the player is idle with MOMO, she will do a dance.[1]
  • Despite that MOMO is 14/15 years old in the series, she still peculiarly refers to the Mizrahis as "mommy" and "daddy" in a childish way. The reason behind this is never explained - it could be part of MOMO's programming or just a habit.
  • MOMO appears with Shion and KOS-MOS in Namco × Capcom, in their appearances from Episode I. MOMO forms a single unit along with Shion, and supports her with her abilities.[2]
  • MOMO appears in Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier EXCEED with KOS-MOS, this time in her Episode III outfit. Unlike KOS-MOS, who is a player character, MOMO is a supporting unit, using her bow and Star Wind transformation from Episode I to assist in attacks.
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