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Tobirama Senju

Tobirama Senju (千手扉間, Senju Tobirama) was a member of the renowned Senju clan, who, together with his elder brother and the Uchiha clan, founded the first shinobi village: Konohagakure. Throughout his lifetime, Tobirama would work tirelessly to achieve political stability and implement the institutions that made the village system work, thus ensuring Konoha's continuity and prosperity. After his brother's death, he would succeed the title of Second Hokage (二代目火影, Nidaime HokageLiterally meaning: Second Fire Shadow).


Tobirama was a composed individual with a pragmatic approach to life. He believed that, through well-defined rules and laws, many of the world's problems could be solved.[5] In many ways he was a counter-weight to his older brother Hashirama's ideals; when Hashirama would get carried away with his headstrong optimism, it fell to Tobirama to mediate and force a more realistic alternative in order to achieve those idealistic goals. Hashirama was typically disappointed by Tobirama's intervention, but he usually agreed without much protest;[19] on the rare occasions he disagreed, it was a sign that Tobirama's methods were becoming too forceful, creating a mutual balance.[20] Tobirama likewise, despite how often he needed to undermine his brother and his personal opinion that Hashirama was something of an idiot,[21] greatly loved and respected him, and if anything wanted Hashirama to respect himself the same way he and others did.[22]

Tobirama was a firm believer in the Will of Fire — a philosophy that held that all villagers of Konoha were part of a family. Any who threatened Konoha were subject to his rarely-seen but unbridled rage.[23] As Hokage, it was not only his responsibility to protect that family at all costs but also to encourage the disparate villagers of the same view: to move away from the idealism of only think about their clan and that they should think of the village as a whole.[14] It was for this reason that he came into conflict with the Uchiha and Madara so frequently, as he felt they too often valued their own desires over others'.[24]This often gave him the appearance of being prejudiced against the clan and its members,[25] but he was in fact perfectly capable of spotting and happy to cooperate with any Uchiha that could overcome their "Curse of Hatred"; he cited Kagami Uchiha as a perfect example of this transcended Uchiha.[26] In addition, when Madara was about to kill Sasuke, who was the last living Uchiha with the potential to restore the clan - Tobirama pleaded with him to stop, and displayed great anger towards him when he fatally injured Sasuke, and lamented his inability to use his kinjutsu to send his soul to aid Sasuke;[27] and later used the knowledge he gained from studying Madara's corpse to help Kabuto Yakushi heal Sasuke; showing that despite his continuous conflict with the Uchiha, Tobirama still cared about their well-being and had no desire to see the clan go extinct. He also later expressed happiness when Hashirama and Madara settled their differences as their reincarnated forms were being dispelled.

Tobirama believed that aspects from both Hashirama and Madara's extreme personalities were necessary components to being Hokage: Hashirama’s indulgent nature and Madara’s ruthlessness. Learning from them, he tried to find a balance between Hashirama and Madara as he didn't have someone to balance him out, unlike his brother. Though they only knew each other for a short time, Tobirama and Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage, got along superbly. Their mutual respect for each other seemed founded on their similarities: both of them famously moving and thinking quickly on the battlefield.[28][29] While their actual personalities were quite different, Tobirama was nevertheless amused by Minato's quirks such as his complicated names for techniques, such as the "Spiralling Flash Super Round Dance Howl Style Three".[30]

Befitting his composed and pragmatic nature, Tobirama was a stern man who spoke bluntly about most topics, never sugar-coating facts or the matter at hand. He was reasonable more than anything, remaining calm and even-handed in all situations, having acted as the voice of reason to his brother throughout his reign. He believed in letting bygones be bygones if it meant an end to needless death and conflict, reprimanding Itama for believing otherwise and claiming that such a mindset would only lead to him ending up dead.

Nonetheless, he allowed his past experiences with Madara to affect his judgment of the Uchiha clan in many instances, and he never got rid of his suspicious attitude towards them during his lifetime. He could also be too far-sighted and ruthlessly pragmatic at times, having created the Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation, in spite of its extremely vile nature, as well as building the Konoha Military Police Force outpost within the Uchiha's compound, which, while giving them more autonomy, cut them off from having any political influence in the village.

While not one to get blinded or hindered by emotion or petty notions, he had a streak of pride which presents itself in comical manners at times: he insisted Naruto use proper honourifics when addressing him and chided Naruto for claiming techniques Tobirama created as his father's and his own. He also got embarrassed when Hashirama forced his opinion on him in front of others.

Appearance []

Tobirama was a fair-skinned man with white, shaggy hair and dark-coloured eyes (depicted as red in the anime). He had three red markings on his face, one under each of his eyes and one on his chin. In combat, he wore blue armour with a distinctive white fur collar over a simple black suit. This armour was constructed from numerous metal plates, formed into multiple protective guards along his body. Beneath his shoulder armour he wore two bands on each arm. This clothing was accompanied by sandals and a happuri in place of the more traditional forehead protector. The happuri was initially engraved with the Senju's emblem, which was later replaced with Konoha's.

In his official Hokage portrait, Tobirama was seen wearing the usual all-white haori with a blue kimono underneath.[31] His casual outfit was a simple, short-sleeved, blue shirt kimono with mesh armour underneath and held closed by a pale yellow sash. This casual attire included blue pants and a bracelet of sorts on his left hand.

As a child, he wore a pair of pin-striped pants and shirt which left his arms exposed. He also did not have the markings on his face.[32] In battle, his armour was constructed from green metal plates that covered his torso, lower behind, and groin alongside fishnet armour around his wrists and shins.[33]

Abilities []

Tobirama was renowned as one of the most powerful shinobi in history, earning praise from even his rivals.[34] He was able to kill Izuna Uchiha — Madara Uchiha's brother and equal in both skills and power.[35] Danzō Shimura stated that Tobirama's prowess was unmatched during his time as Hokage.[36] He was able to survive a battle with the Gold and Silver Brothers — a fearsome duo who possessed the Nine-Tails' chakra and wielded the Treasured Tools of the Sage of Six Paths.[16]

In the anime, Tobirama was shown to be able to cast genjutsu to lock a target in perpetual darkness that even Hiruzen Sarutobi could not dispel.[37] He also mentioned that he had the ability to send his soul to help a dying Sasuke, and would have, had he not been immobilised by Madara's black receivers.[38]

Physical and Chakra Prowess[]

During his lifetime, Tobirama was hailed as the fastest shinobi. He was capable of moving fast enough to both cover a target with explosive tags, as well as mark them for his Space–Time Ninjutsu all unnoticed.[29] In the anime, Tobirama is shown moving equally quickly while underwater.[39] His chakra reserves were large enough to teleport two Tailed Beast Mode users simultaneously, and strong enough to visibly affect the surrounding terrain when moulding it.[40]

His chakra control was also advanced enough to perform complex techniques with only one hand seal.[41] His will was also strong enough to overcome the nearly-perfected control of the Impure World Reincarnation.[42]

Ninjutsu []

As a Senju, Tobirama was skilled in a variety of ninjutsu forms, including the Summoning Technique[4] and barrier ninjutsu.[43] He was skilled with a sword, enough to clash with Izuna on multiple occasions, and in the anime, wielded and mastered the Sword of the Thunder God, a blade with electrical abilities.[44]He also created various innovative techniques, such as the Shadow Clone Technique.[45]

Since childhood, Tobirama was an adept sensor.[46] By touching the ground with his finger, he could accurately detect the presence and location of targets in the surrounding area.[47] He could even sense persons countries away,[48] identify a target's ancestry from their chakra signature,[14] and even pinpoint a target's exact location while blinded.[49]

Nature Transformation []

Tobirama was able to use all five basic nature transformations, along with Yinand Yang Release.[4] He was, however, most famous for his mastery of Water Release and was revered as its most powerful user in history. He could create vast quantities of water without a present water source enabling him to use high-level Water Release techniques at any given time; which was by all accounts no easy feat.[50] He could shoot high-pressured streams from his mouth to slice through targets[51] or form needle-shaped projectiles to catch an opponent off-guard while attacking their vital points.[52] He could also create defensive walls or large water dragons to assault his opponent all without a pre-existing water source.[50] In the anime, he could cover an entire battlefield in and shape it into tendrils to pull targets down with him to drown them.[39]

Space–Time Ninjutsu[]

Tobirama's skill with various space–time ninjutsu is well-remembered.[53] Using his own original technique, the Flying Thunder God Technique, he could instantly teleport himself and/or other targets to any location marked with his seal. He also showed the ability to use another Flying Thunder God user's seal to teleport either himself or others to marked locations by connecting his chakra to their own.[54][55] By using a marked area or throwing a marked kunai, with precise timing, he could move around an area quickly and strike at the most opportune moment before his opponent could react.[7]

Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation[]

Tobirama's most infamous creation is the Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation, which revives the dead into immortal, regenerating bodies.[56][57] He invented the Mutually Multiplying Explosive Tags to take advantage of the revived bodies' natural advantages, using them in kamikaze-like attacks to create near-infinite chains of explosions on a target.[29] He was said to use it whenever he needed to clear a map.[58] Tobirama labelled it a kinjutsu in hopes it wouldn't be used by anyone again.[59] It was implied that he never fully-refined this technique as he could only control a small number of reincarnated bodies at once,[60] whose power was limited compared to themselves alive.[42]


In battle, Tobirama was calculating, striking only when he's confident of success and without any thought of mercy.[61] According to Madara, Tobirama was known for launching surprise attacks on opponents who think they've won and have let their guard down. In order to capitalise on every possible advantage, he pays careful attention to every aspect of a battle, analysing opponents' strategies and techniques to discern their purpose, mechanics, and ultimately their weaknesses. He was similarly knowledgeable of skills he has no training in, being able to recognise a toad from Mount Myōboku and their senjutsu or different types of advanced nature transformations.

TMNT X Pokemon[]

He is one of the allies who have teamed up with the Turtles to take down Shredder and the Foot Clan once and for all.


  • "Tobirama" (扉間) means "the space between two doors". "Doors" (扉, tobira) are seen as the access to progress and improvement.
  • Tobirama's face appears within the fireworks in the ending omakeof Shippūden episode 129.
  • Studio Pierrot's Settei sheets of Tobirama show that he was 140cm around the time Hashirama met Madara.
  • According to the databook(s):
    • His favourite words were "Mind – technique – body" (心・技・体, Shin – gi – tai).
    • His favourite food were the fresh fish caught in the clean rivers of Konoha.


  • (To Hashirama and Itama) "Grown-ups are idiots. If they really want to bring an end to this endless fighting, they need to sit down with one another and reach a truce…"[5]
  • (To Hiruzen) "Saru, you must protect those who have faith in you and who love the village, and train up to those to whom you can entrust the next generation… from tomorrow, you will be the Hokage…!"[63]
  • (To Sasuke) "My brother believed that the village was something that demolish the boundaries between clans. Well in the end it wasn't that simple… My brother was too soft… and Madara too dangerous… My role as Second Hokage was to mediate between them while protecting and reinforcing the village."[14]
  • (About Naruto) "That settles it, I've actually found a bigger idiot than my brother."[64]